Tidy Text Adventures

Tidy Text Adventures - text-based adventure creation right inside the Unity Editor.

Get it right now at the Unity Asset Store or take a look through the documentation here to see if it whets your appetite a little.

In the meantime, take a point-form list off the top of my head that should highlight the note-worthy features of the tool.

  • Super-slick, intuitive interface.
  • Contextual help on every field, every layout.
  • Integrated scheduled backup system - rest easy!
  • Demo story included - get up and running super fast. Play the demo right here: "Hello, Strawman".
  • Default UI and styling included - just drag your world onto it and... press play!
  • It's black and fluorescent green - how on earth could you want anything else?
Next stop, the Overview page - where you will read a general rundown of the Tidy Text Adventure system.