For an overview of the Item and its place in Tidy Text Adventures, see the Overview page.

Actions are the core driver of interactions in your Tidy Text Adventure.

Actions are the building blocks UseCases - and can be combined to make virtually any changes to the game world that you desire.

There are seven core types of Action:

  1. Add Item to Room
    1. Adds an item to a room.
    2. Example: "Add puddle of bile to Living Room"

  2. Remove Item from Room
    1. Removes an item from a room.
    2. Example: "Remove month-old bucket of chicken from Living Room"

  3. Switch Items in Room
    1. Removes an item from a room and replaces it with another item.
    2. Example: "Remove teapot from Living Room and replace it with Pile of ceramic shards"

  4. Take Item from Room
    1. Removes an item from a room and places it in the inventory.
    2. Example: "Remove shards from Living Room and place into Inventory"

  5. Toggle Room Accessibility
    1. Opens or closes a room - making it accessible / inaccessible to the player.
    2. Example: "Open hallway"

  6. Teleport to Room
    1. Teleports the player to a target room.
    2. Example: "Teleport player to jail cell"

  7. Switch Room for another Room
    1. Switches a Room with another room
    2. Example: "Replace Jail Cell with Flaming Jail Cell with fouled Mattress"