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Asset Pooling is integrated within the core functions of Tidy TileMapper.

Functionally, Asset Pooling will disable your Blocks and Variants instead of Destroying them upon removal. 
Subsequently, it will re-enable and reuse your Blocks and Variants (if they exist within the pool) upon creation.

This will dramatically increase map performance, and your quality of life in general.

However, there are things to be wary of when using Asset Pooling.

The largest thing that I wish to impart to you is this:

You cannot rely on Awake() or Start() functions to initialize your pooled assets, as they will be enabled / disabled and your Awake() / Start() functions will not be called repeatedly.

I recommend you Initialize() and Finalize() your objects (if they contain custom game logic) after addition and before destruction, respectively to avoid unforeseen quirks.

Keep your finger on the pulse, you'll know the way to go.

 Function Description
 EnablePooling Enables Asset Pooling.
 DisablePooling Disables Asset Pooling.
 IsPoolingEnabled ...informs you if Pooling is enabled.
 Instantiate Use this in lieu of GameObject.Instantiate
 Destroy Use this in lieu of GameObject.Destroy
 ClearPools Clears the Asset Pools.