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While you will generally be travelling via the BlockUtilities class to achieve your Tile-mapping dreams, the BlockMap class has a few curios that may assist you in reaching that extra little pinnacle of excellence.

 Function Name Description
AddBackgroundAdds a new Background to the BlockMap. A BlockMap has multiple backgrounds -correlated to the number of different background materials you wish to use.
GetBackgroundMeshFetches the mesh that has been constructed for the desired Background.
SetBackgroundMeshSets the mesh for the targetted Background (you won't likely use this).
GetBackgroundMaterialRetrieves the Material for the desired Background.
SetBackgroundMaterialSets the Material for the desired Background, and recalculates the Background in question.
RemoveBackgroundRemoves the targetted Background.
AddToBackgroundAdds coordinates to the Background (the Background mesh will grow procedurally as you add coordinates).
RemoveFromBackgroundRemoves a section of Background from the BlockMap.
RecalculateBackgroundRecalculates the Background given changes that have been made (most functions do this automatically).