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The core class through which most programmatic interactions with a BlockMap will be made.

 Function  Description
 CreateBlockMap  Creates a BlockMap with which you may realize your wildest Block-mapping dreams.
 GetEmptyBlock  Returns an empty Block, bound to a BlockMap. Useful for very marginal use-cases.
 RemoveBlockFromMap  Removes a block from a BlockMap (see also AddBlockToMap)
 SetBlockVariant  Sets the variant of the target Block, in the target BlockMap.
 RefreshMap  Refreshes the target BlockMap.
 GetBlockAt  Returns the Block at the desired coordinates on the targetted BlockMap.
 GetMapLowerDepth  Returns the lowest depth (z-layer value in Blocks) of the targetted BlockMap.
 GetMapUpperDepth  Returns the highest depth (z-layer value in Blocks) of the targetted BlockMap.
 GetMapHeight  Returns the height (upper y-value in Blocks) of the targetted BlockMap.
 GetMapWidth  Returns the width (upper x-value in Blocks) of the targetted BlockMap.
 AddBlockToMap  Adds a Block to the targetted BlockMap. Note: Blocks must be pre-instantiated.
 GetPath  Returns a path between the given coordinates over the targetted BlockMap.
 IsWithinMapBounds  Is this point within the bounds of the targetted BlockMap?
 RefreshBlock  Refreshes the Block at the given position on a BlockMap.
 GetChunkAtCoordinates  Returns the MapChunk at the given coordinates. Useful in niche cases.
 GetMathematicalPosition  Returns the mathematically-derived position of the coordinates in the given map.
 GetMathematicalCoordinates  Returns the mathematically-derived coordinates given the world position provided.